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Denaé Ivy

Terry Williams knocked my socks off with this interview. I never expected the collaboration that came of such an engagement. It’s simply amazing what happens by a simple conversation when you discuss how you got started and why.

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Terry, CEO of Shea Butter Like Whoa! originally sold black art and seemed to very much enjoy it. In 2005, he was introduced by a friend to Angela Upton, a natural salon stylist who got him into shea butter. He fell in love with the product, and after buying 10 tons of it, was determined to fine tune it to perfection for his customers. His target customers are black women. However he has had a very large loyal following of both male and female customers alike for years. His mission is to make affordable and effective products to better his community. He loves pop-ups and face-to-face interactions to get the word out. Over the years, this is how he has grown this now flourishing business. We can now begin to see Shea Butter Like Whoa! all over FB, IG, and the internet.


I asked him how he has withstood the hard life and struggles that comes with being an entrepreneur, he proudly and boldly said with his shoulders pushed back, “my faith and perseverance. People see only what they want to see. Business owners are like an iceberg, 10% can only be seen above the water.” When asked where he wants to take Shea Butter Like Whoa from here; he responded powerfully with creating an incubator for growing a nonprofit. This nonprofit would be to harness the young minds of teen males and young men to train them to be entrepreneurs or mold them to be business minded and focused to seek what they were talented in, rather than work for others and build someone else’s dream. Furthering the concept of Each One, Teach One; laying the foundation for his favorite painting, “He Ain’t Heavy.”

Terry’s passion overflowed with mine which promptly led us into an in depth conversation on how we could co-create! Continuing with what both of what we’ve created meshing it together, to collaborate into a greater force for the community.


I was invited to attend Terry’s one year Anniversary of being in his distribution warehouse. To my surprise was welcomed by my own faith family!!! By that I mean a group of people that attend my church home, Spirit Of Faith Christian Center. I was immediately greeted with hugs, warm smiles and sweet kisses. Everyone was enjoying freshments laid out with each other’s company. We all went around the room asking how we knew Terry and how long we’d been the sensational product. Wanting to know which one was our favorite scent; insisting ours was the best! Terry thanked everyone for coming and many blessed him along with the business.

As I took picture after picture and watched people mingle with each other, analyzing Terry with his framily; friends and family, I understood how he was so powerfully moving forward in the business. It is the relationships that he builds with every person he comes in contact with. He’s real, ginuwine. You don’t find that much these days. I see Terry being used by God to touch those around him. His simple nature is inviting and a blessing to others. He fills others with joy and encouraging words. God’s light shines through him and upon others. This shows throughout his business. When asked about himself, he boasts about his weaknesses, not his strengths. He is a humble man, a Godly man, and who wouldn’t want to do business with someone like that?! Terry hasn’t just created Shea Butter Like Whoa! He has created a safe space for others to grow, learn, be themselves, become entrepreneurs, and most of all inspires others to be LEADERS.


My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. — 2 Cor 12:9 KJV

Written by Denaé Ivy
Pictures taken and edited by Denaé Ivy

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